Are you ready to 

show up for your

Discover & unlock the secrets to a happy, healthy & purposeful life.

I'll guide you on a journey of rediscovery 

Are you ready to fall in love with yourself again?


So, what is coaching? coaching is a journey of the self, a safe space where you are guided to rediscover the power that is within you.

These personal one-to-one sessions are where you'll discover what you want your life to look like.

Importantly you'll learn the art of listening to yourself which will enable you to

reconnect with your inner guide, your personal sat-nav.  


You'll gain the tools, practices, and confidence, allowing you to create shifts around current issues and old thought patterns and beliefs.

Changing the life you are living to be more aligned with the life you want to live.


Feeling empowered to deal with any future problems and curveballs as and when they arise.


You will be stretched and challenged, yet supported and encouraged throughout.


Develop healthy, positive habits, around health, fitness, life, family, and career.

Learn that your genes are not your destiny and that you are in control of your health and your future



Together, we will explore:

Discover, Set & Achieve Goals & Healthy Habits

Transform Body & Mind 

Health & Wellness

Understanding Healthy Weight Management

Establish Morning & Evening Routines that will elevate your life

Learn how to Increase Energy

Prevent & Manage Lifestyle Diseases

Discover how to feel Vibrant & Alive

Discover how to use Food as Medicine & establish a Clean Eating lifestyle

Peri Menopause


Reframing 'The Change'

Learning how to prepare and thrive

Discover True Happiness


Purpose & Passion

Rediscover your Purpose & Passion

Reconnect & enhance your spirituality

Ignite the adventurous

spirit within

Increase Confidence

Personal Development

Reframing Mindset, the power of I AM

Improve Relationships

Develop Balance, Work,

Life & body

Enhance Creativity

Self Development

Declutter - Mind, Schedule & Environment

Time Management

Let your journey begin & your story unfold


My commitment to you:


I will:

  • help you succeed in achieving a healthy, happy, and purposeful life 

  • help you define your goals and develop a success plan.

  • inspire you to change how you live day-to-day to be more aligned with who you want to be.

  • support, encourage and motivate you throughout.

  • be here to give you a nudge and a hug when you are falling off track or feel like giving up.

  • be here to do a celebratory dance when things are going well.

  • guide you to step out of your comfort zone and show up for yourself every day.

  • be here for you while you fall in love with yourself again and remember what makes you the amazing woman you were born to be. 



Journey of Rediscovery

this is a 12 session programme

that will enable you to discover, create, and live the life you love.

Because we are all unique, these sessions will either happen once a week or once every 2 weeks, enabling you to reflect and do the self-work that is required.



  •      Lifestyle questionnaire - this allows me to see where you currently are.


  •      Pre-coaching workbook - getting you ready to begin your journey

  •      12 x coaching sessions (60 mins) 


  •      Worksheets & resources


  •      Personalised Lifestyle Prescriptions


  •      Unlimited email support


  •      Meal planning guidance

Sessions: Can be held via Skype, Telephone, or in-person dependant on location. When meeting in person I ask you to choose a place that makes you feel happy and relaxed, that may be a beach walk, a country stroll, a museum or your favourite coffee shop.


Investment:  £575 per month or £1,499 in full (saving £230)

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