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Hi, I'm Kate!

For as long as I can remember, I wanted to make a difference in the lives of others. After spending over 20 years in the corporate world of Banking and Consultancy, I took a leap of faith and proudly created The Purposeful Life.

My hope is that from the lessons I have learned and the experiences I have lived through, I may be able to shine a little light for you.

I invite you to read my journey, take what you need and leave the rest.


"Tell the story of the mountains you climbed. Your words could become a page in someone else’s survival guide."

Morgan Harper Nichols

Growing up, I was always full of energy and positivity, the kid with the wild imagination, Dolly Daydream was one of my nicknames, then at 23, my first curveball hit me hard.

I was diagnosed with ME (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis), otherwise known as CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome), my body seemed to shut down.

My first question to the Doctor was, "Am I going to die?" when the answer was "no," I knew I had to change. 


I had been burning the candle at both ends, working hard and playing harder, not paying any attention to my health and wellness, I was young and indestructible, right? Wrong!


While healing at home, my spiritual and self-love journey began with the help of the most amazing teachers one could ever have wished for; Dr. Wayne Dyer, Robin Sharma, Deepak Chopra, and Louise Hay.

Three books sparked a change and created a shift, mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

The Monk Who Sold his Ferrari

You Can Heal Your Life

The Alchemist.

3 books that changed my life

I grew up with a very spiritual mindset and began meditating and using visualisation techniques at 13.


But knowledge without action is just knowledge; I had let this practice slip, and I now needed it more than ever.


After 18 months of not functioning very well at all, I began to get my strength back and decided I needed to regain my life and take back control. 


I qualified as a Personal Trainer and Sports Therapist and studied Lifestyle Management; I had to understand what my body needed to be well.

Over the next decade, numerous life lessons lined my path, I left a toxic relationship, became a single mum, and then a stepmum, I saw my dad battle Cancer and suffer a near-fatal Heart Attack, yet I felt strong enough to handle these moments, and I did.


My life was on track.


Then, bam, the next curveball hit; it felt like it had been thrown from outer space.


One morning, I woke up, went into the bathroom, looked in the mirror and cried. I had no idea who this woman was; I didn't recognise her at all; she didn't look like me, and I didn't feel like me. I sat on the floor for an hour, sobbing.


​I was scared, confused, and felt incredibly lost. I was 38


I love rollercoasters, but this one was a joke. It took four years before finally the Doctor's agreed I was peri-menopausal. I was no longer depressed, suffering from Rheumatoid Arthritis, or losing the plot. I was hormonal.


The relief was incredible, don't get me wrong, I still had the most awful brain fog, post-it notes became a lifelong friend, the joint pain in my hands was so bad I cried daily, my libido was in the back of a cupboard somewhere, and I felt tired, so very tired, all the time.


I opened my journal and asked myself the following question.

What did I want from life, my life?

My why

It will be no surprise that the answer didn't magically appear, but slowly, over a few weeks, I got closer and closer.

Then I had it!

"At 102, I want to be able to do what I can do today and more."

I have an overwhelming desire to live a long, very long, healthy, happy, balanced, and purposeful life.

Yes, people laugh when I tell them that, but "If people don't laugh at your dreams, your dreams aren't big enough."


To achieve this goal, I had to make changes physically, mentally, and emotionally and although at times it was really hard, so far, all the changes have been more than worth it.


First, I quit alcohol (I was drinking way too much). I needed clarity and no excuses.


Next, I studied health and life coaching, so I was better equipped to develop new healthy habits along with gaining a certification in Plant-Based Nutrition, I quickly adopted this lifestyle, enabling me to be in control of healing myself from within but also doing my part to heal our planet.

I'm grateful that I'll forever be a work in progress, and I know life will always throw curveballs to keep me on my toes.


​I feel prepared, and I want you to feel that, too.

The life lessons I've learned, and the habit changes I made are what I'd like to share with you. We're all unique, and our wants and needs differ, but I'll give you the tools to create your dreams' healthy, happy, and purposeful life.


I don't have all the answers, and I have days where I want to scream really loud, and some days I want to run and hide.


What I do have is passion, commitment, and knowledge to guide you towards rediscovering the best version of you.

Thank you for taking the time to read my story. I'd love to learn more about you.


Just click here and send me a note so we can arrange a time to talk.


Also, on the first Tuesday of every month, I send out The Purposeful Note, a newsletter of life lessons, tips, and ideas that have arisen from the previous month; click here to subscribe.


Wishing you a beautiful day.


Love & light

Kate x


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