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Let’s talk about health

Updated: Oct 2, 2021

What does health mean to you?

If you'd asked me that question a decade ago, I would've given you a very different answer to the one I give you today.

A decade ago I had a piece of paper that told me that I was qualified to give advice on living a healthy lifestyle, I wasn't, the reason I say I wasn't is that my lifestyle, was far, really far from being healthy.

I had fallen into the trap of thinking that if I had a green juice every now and again and read Women's Health that it didn't matter that my after workout recovery drink was either a Negroni or a large glass of red wine.

It was all about losing weight, being slim is what healthy is, right?

I remember a particular time when at work, someone had bought doughnuts for the team, 3 doughnuts in, I experienced my first sugar migraine, it was awful, I felt sick, my gums itched… Did I give up sugar right there and then?…of course not!

The food I was eating, was a heart attack on a plate, lots of hard to digest meat, so much cheese I'd have nightmares (although none of them were about clogged arteries), pasta on top of pasta (my husband is Italian) all foods that left me feeling tired and stressed, I did eat vegetables so that was positive.

I never had time for myself, even my thoughts and opinions were others, it was more time effective.

Every year before vacation, I would pack at least 6 books to read, along with my good intentions of getting up early every morning going to the gym and having a swim in the ocean (I was a mermaid in my past life don't you know) and every year, I would get one chapter in, not move from the sun lounger and live the all-inclusive dream of Pina Coladas on tap.

So, lets recap, I was drinking a lot, I exercised occasionally, I ate well but not healthy, I felt like crap, my sleep was shocking, my blood pressure was consistently high, really high.

So, I thought I know what I'll do I'll take supplements, that'll do the trick.

At one point I was taking 15 different supplements to make me healthy! (you're allowed to laugh here)

To be honest, writing this now, health had become just a word.

It's scary to think how complacent I'd become, only 13 years earlier, my mind and body, and been battered to the point of extreme exhaustion with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

Yet I kept testing its limits.

Then the perimenopause hit, I wallowed for a few years. The doctors debated if I was depressed, did I or did I not have Rheumatoid Arthritis, or was I just loving the weekly social aspect of going to the Doctors with a new symptom. I'm sure at one point they must've thought I was an NHS secret shopper going to test their knowledge.

Then I gave myself a massive kick up the backside.

Enough was enough

If I didn't take charge of my health, my health or lack of it would take charge of me.

So what is health?

When your mind, body, and spirit become one when all body systems are in balance, we call that health.

Think of your body as an orchestra, it has the ability to play the most beautiful music, yet it only needs Bob on Bass to miss a couple of notes to stop the orchestra in its tracks.

It's about nourishing every glorious cell from the inside out.

For me, I chose to follow a whole food plant-based diet. I no longer drink alcohol. I exercise daily, I journal and meditate. I work hard, building a business I love. I wake with the sunrise, and I sleep soundly (most nights). I learn from people (I love people, I miss hugging), books (really love books, like a lot), and experiences. I love myself (this took a while) and others deeply. I connect spiritually most days (which makes my heart sing) and I never fail to be excited when I notice a sign from the universe.

To some, well, many this lifestyle is boring; for me, it's life-saving.

The words I tell myself every day are "how we do one thing is how we do everything".

I AM living a healthy, long, very long (research has said that we could live to 150), happy and purposeful life

If the research says it's possible then I'm all in for seeing if it's true.

Do you want to join me in seeing what a happy and healthy150-year-old looks like?

If you would like to discuss how I can help you get your health into balance, I would love to hear from you.

for daily inspiration join me on Instagram @healthlifecoach

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