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The 5-day Summer Cleanse

Clean from within

Summer is the perfect time to cleanse your body – a gentle 5-day kick start inspiring you to eat cleaner, declutter your environment, mentally and physically, become active and press the restart button!

Why cleanse? Boost energy, experience clearer skin and deeper sleep, enhance your body’s ability to mobilise and excrete toxins. These are just a few benefits.

My simple 5-day Cleanse is something I like to do when I am feeling low on energy and always just before Summer – the results can be amazing, glowing skin, a cleansed liver, increased energy, deeper sleep and even some weight loss

The cleanse leaves you feeling refreshed, empowered and in control.

It is very rare that we do anything in moderation, drinking too much alcohol and caffeine alone makes us feel tired, bloated and unmotivated.

This 5 day cleanse is a great way to get Summer ready from the inside out.

5 days of self-love

Step 1: To eat or not to Eat

You will need to remove the following for the next five days:

· Coffee

· Soda

· Alcohol

· Dairy

· Soy

· Refined sugar, sweeteners & honey

· Wheat and gluten

· Beef, Pork, Sausage, Cold Cuts

· Eggs

· Processed or Packaged foods

You will need to Increase the following for the next five days: (all items should be organic)

· Whole vegetables, leafy greens

· Whole fruits and berries

· Lemon Water

· Brown rice and Quinoa

· Beans, Legumes and Lentils

· Nuts, Seeds & Nut Butters

· Avocado & Coconut Oil

· Green Tea

· Fish, Chicken and Turkey *

· Stevia **

*This cleanse is primarily designed as a plant based hypoallergenic diet. If you prefer to include animal protein, stick with fish and poultry only.

**Use stevia in moderation. No other sweeteners are permitted.

Step 2: Cleanse Enhancing Activities

Get the muscles moving – Exercise, Massage and stretching all provide you with important opportunities to love and pay attention to your body, relieve stress, improve circulation, and improve muscle and organ health. Easy stretching and exercising should be included daily.

Massage treatments are excellent for relaxing body and mind.

Early morning walk before the world gets busy. Breathe in the beauty of nature, and have a chat with yourself about your goals for the day.

Water – aim for 2 to 3L per day – including Lemon Water and Herbal Teas

Power down hour – No electronics or TV for an hour before sleep - write down the things that are causing you anxiety and make plans for what you might have to do the next day to reduce your worry. It will free up your mind and energy to move into deep and restful sleep

Self-Love – when we begin to eliminate toxins we also need to care for our emotional self – meditation and journaling are a great way to do this so is a relaxing bath filled with your favourite products.

Step 3: Detox your environment!

Once you’ve started cleansing internally, it’s time to look at the outside factors contributing to the toxin build-up and remove those too!

Buy organic whenever possible. Wash or peel fruit and veggies to remove pesticides.

Be aware of your cleaning products – I use Method – biodegradable plant-based ingredients, 100% recycled plastic bottles, tested by people, never on animals.

Invest in a good quality water filter and use a stainless steel bottle instead of plastic.

Be planet friendly and eliminate plastic.

Just say NO – this is 5 days for you

Have a Social Media declutter


After the 5-day cleanse you should feel energised, relaxed and prepared for Summer

The following things are great to add in to your weekly routines.

· Laugh …. A lot

· Dance like no one is watching

· Take an Epsom salt bath relaxes muscles

· Get a massage, stretch or have sex before bed…. Or all three.

· Take time to focus on your breath.

· Reduce alcohol or try to eliminate all together

· Keep your environment clutter free

You now have the knowledge to get your 5-day cleanse started all you need to do is put it into action.

Sample cleanse day meal plan


Protein Smoothie - Almond milk, blueberries, Vegan Protein Powder, Almond butter

Green Juice – Cucumber, Spinach, Celery, Apple & Ginger

Overnight Oats - Flaxseeds, Raspberries, Almond Milk..

Poached eggs on Portobello Mushroom and Spinach


Sliced veggies & Humous

Guacamole and rice crackers

Lentil Rice Cakes with Humous

Veggie broth

Nuts & seeds


Rainbow salad

Hummus lettuce wraps with sliced veggies

Wholegrain rice or Quinoa , olives and Avocado

Clean Green Salad with mixed beans


Be creative and clean – No packaged products, no long ingredient list, Vegetables, proteins and healthy fats.

After dinner

A cleansing Herbal tea

Remember to drink water regularly throughout the day

Have fun and enjoy

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