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Time Travel

Updated: Jun 3, 2020

Fast forward 50 years, you are now sitting down having a conversation with the other you, the you who has achieved great things, the you who has lived a happy, healthy and purposeful life.

Ask the questions, are you happy? what is your greatest achievement? how have you remained disease free?  what exercise do you do daily?

Are you proud of the life you have lived?

As any author will tell you the endings are the hardest part of any story.  If you know your ending it is easier to begin your story.

Ending  - Make it great

Characters - Who are the people involved at the end of your story, how important are they to your Story.  Describe the main Character (YOU).

Goals - What did you achieve? how did you achieve it?

Timeframe - What is the timeline for all of your great achievements?

Write a story that you can be proud of one that when you finish reading it you will say wow, I want to live  life like that.

We as people always want to be someone else, we look up to people we have never met, the successful entrepreneur, the dedicated athlete, the loving caring parent, the great cook, the thrill-seeker, people who can mediate, the flexible Yogi.

How about we remove the limits that we have put on ourselves and become the person we look up to.

As parents we tell our children that if they work hard  they can be anything that they want to be and to follow their dreams.

We all need to start staking that advice.

Yours could be the greatest story ever written, so pick up a pen and write it.

You are the AUTHOR, the LEAD and the HERO.

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