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What I have learned since 1974

Last month I was inspired to think about a life lesson for each of my 47 years.

As you know, I love to journal, reflect and learn and I love a quote or ten. So I relished int he opportunity of putting pen to paper.

This exercise was a great reminder that during good times and not so good times we are always growing.

So here are my life lessons so far:-

  1. Be where your feet are

  2. Watch the sunrise - its a reminder that each day is a new day

  3. Be consistently, consistent - in everything

  4. You either succeed or learn, therefore failure is a lesson

  5. Listen to yourself! Your body, your heart

  6. Meditation is better than medication

  7. Heal the cause not the symptom

  8. “You either do or you don’t, there is no try” thank you Yoda

  9. Make choices, not excuses

  10. Remember the little girl with the BIG DREAMS - be her!

  11. Dance like no one is watching

  12. Don’t just be - be more

  13. ”Change is hard in the beginning, messy in the middle gorgeous in the end” Robin Sharma. - Embrace change

  14. Jerry McGuire was wrong - You don’t need someone to complete you, you’re already whole

  15. Health is wealth

  16. Water is your magic potion

  17. Early is on time, on time is late and late is unacceptable

  18. Love deeply - yourself and others

  19. Learn, evolve, grow - “Life isn’t about proving what you know, it’s about improving what you don’t know”

  20. People come into your life for a Reason, a Season, a Lifetime

  21. Don’t stop daydreaming

  22. Alcohol has no purpose

  23. Keep you heart, eyes and ears open

  24. Heels are great, barefoot is bliss

  25. How you do one thing is how you do everything

  26. Don’t wait to dies, start to live - “We only live once” “No, we only die once we live every day”

  27. Live without labels or limitations

  28. Our external words to others are the internal words they say to themselves

  29. Rumi’s Three gates of speech - Before you speak ask yourself, Is it true? Is it necessary? Is it kind?

  30. I do at have control over everything that happens around me but I do have control over everything that happens to me.

  31. Stay in gratitude daily

  32. Go with the flow

  33. Its ok not to be ok

  34. We are not alone - “Tell the stories of the mountains you’ve climbed, they may be a page in someone else’s survival guide” Morgan Harper Nichols

  35. The universe always has your back

  36. Be authentically you

  37. We grow through what we go through

  38. School isn’t about grades its about effort

  39. Education doesn’t doesn’t only happen in the classroom

  40. Enjoy the journey

  41. Pay it forward - always

  42. The law of cause and effect - every action has a reaction

  43. Surround yourself with the doers and the dreamers

  44. You’re the author of your story

  45. Own your mistakes

  46. You can‘t begin the next chapter if you keep re-reading the last one

  47. This too shall pass

I would love for you to share your Life Lessons with me -

Love Kate x

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