Health & Life Coaching for Women who want to make the next chapter of their lives the healthiest, happiest and most exciting yet.

Let your journey begin & your story unfold

Ready to begin the next chapter of your

amazing story?

You will discover how to find happiness within.


Learn the benefits that a clean eating lifestyle has to your mind, body, and planet. Understand how exercise doesn’t only give you a strong body and heart it is key for a long life, and how, when you begin listening and trusting to your inner wisdom, magic happens, you rediscover your purpose and passion and you begin to sparkle like the radiant goddess you are.

I'm Kate Drummond, a Certified Health & Life Coach & Plant-Based Nutrition Practitioner.


I'm a lover of learning, passionate about health, wellness our planet and reframing the menopause, and  I am on a mission to help you achieve a long, healthy, purposeful life full of passion and adventure.

I will guide you on your Journey of Rediscovery, a Journey that will have you feeling vibrant, energised and in control of your destiny.

We will walk together, side by side, along the sands of the beach, or the paths of beautiful woodlands, or seated in your favourite coffee shop (Skype works as well, so does shopping trips, extreme sports are a little tricky) and during our time together you will develop amazing, empowering habits that will last a lifetime.

Join me as I guide you to the place where your dreams become a reality.

Learn how to feel 

Vibrant, Healthy & Happy


                                  Discover how these simple habits will elevate you life                           


Ready to live the

life of your dreams?

It's time to remember who you are.

A journey of change, transformation, adaptability, and self-realisation.


A Journey of Rediscovery.


Enabling you to follow your dreams and live a life filled with passion and purpose.


Discover the magic of a healthy lifestyle.

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Coaching Call

Sometimes we just need a little guidance,

a boost to get us back on track,


a moment to regain clarity and direction.

I hear you, I see you, I feel you.

I am here for you

    Investment: £85


 To book 

"Tell me what is it you plan to do with your one wild & precious life?"

Mary Oliver

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