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One Magic Hour Per Week

Updated: Mar 14, 2020

Put aside one hour at the weekend, and I will guarantee that you will save you money, eat healthily and feel less stressed during the following week.

How? You ask.

Two simple tasks:

1: Plan your Meals for the Week, Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

2: Complete an online shop and delivery.

Take one hour, grab a pen and paper, or open notes on your phone or iPad.

Write down the days, Monday through to Sunday, now ask yourself the following questions

*Who are you feeding this week, is anyone eating out, have children got sleep-overs, are you out on business or on a date night.

Once you have established Who is eating and When you can get creative.

Pull out the Recipes books, and start to make your shopping list.  Check your cupboards for ingredients first, so you are not doubling up on items like herbs and spices and pasta.

Choose your favourite supermarket, or if you haven’t got one find the top three that deliver in your area, you may use one, one week and a different one the next, look out for deals.

You are going to want to break your shopping list into two orders,

Monday through to Thursday (to be delivered either Sunday afternoon or Monday morning) and, Friday through to Saturday (to be delivered Thursday evening or Friday morning).  that way your products will remain fresh.

Make sure you add your additional purchases like your fruit, milk, bread, cleaning products, and toiletries.

Create and menu for the week, put it somewhere in the kitchen where everyone can see it,  so you know what you are eating for each day. Write down lunches even if you are buying them separately if you write down a healthy option you are more likely to stick to it when it comes to buying it on the day.


By shopping online you are reducing the urge to splurge on items you don’t  need

You are more mindful to what is being spent as you can see the running total when you add each item to your basket.

You will naturally make healthier choices as you aren’t rushing to buy something last minute.

Your cupboards are on hand to check while ordering, this means you won’t be adding the 3rd bag of pasta to the cupboard.

Big time saver - Supermarket shopping is such an unproductive use of time, you add items to a trolley to unload them, to put the things into bags and back into the trolley, then unload all the bags into the car, to unpack everything, again, when you get home.  This way, shop delivered, you put away.  It is worth the minimal delivery charge.

Being organised enables you to be prepared, busy day, choose a recipe that can go in a slow cooker, or is a quick cook like a stir fry.

Reduces unnecessary stress of deciding what to eat daily.

Money & Time Saved, Stress Reduced, Healthy Eating Established.


Kate x

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