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“Don’t let age change you, change the way you age”

There is no rule book or manual on how we age, how to be an adult.

Only perceptions of how it should be done, and most of those perceptions have been around for far too long.

Yes, there are certain things that happen to our bodies with age, the menopause, changes in muscle quality, decreasing bone density, our brain seems to slow, we go grey, to name a few

The good news is we have the power to improve all of these things

Before I go on it's important to remember that not everyone has the opportunity to grow old, they die too young, way before their time

Be grateful for this opportunity, this gift and don’t waste a second of it.

Also, I want to cover off wrinkles, LOVE THEM, they are lines of wisdom, learning and obviously laughing - Be proud of them

Ok, so back to ageing and what we can do about it

To begin with, what we need to do is stop with excuses and own it for what it is .... a choice.

You can't stop time, that is going to pass regardless, how you use it and perceive it is up to you.

One of the first things I ask women to do when going through menopause is to stop labelling themselves.

I’ve put on weight because ‘I’m menopausal’ I forget everything because of ‘My menopausal brain fog’.

I choose these two because I used them a lot. What I discovered was I am more than the menopause, I am more than my age.

So I have to exercise harder now than in my 20s, I no longer drink alcohol, and I opted to eat a plant-based diet.

Not because I had to, because I chose to, HRT didn’t work for me, and I didn’t want to take a barrage of supplements, I needed to find another way.

You have a choice

The choice is hard sometimes, you have to choose your hard.

My 40s have been one hell of a chapter, with so many lessons learned and thankfully, hopefully more yet to learn.

Here are a couple:

Do what makes you feel alive, discover what makes your heart happy, stop labelling yourself and remove limits and be positive and kind in your thoughts, actions and words to yourself and others

I recently saw a Peanuts cartoon (above) - Charlie Brown says to Snoopy

“We only live once” Snoopy replies “Wrong, we only die once we live every day"

Don’t wait to die, start to live.

We are a day older today than yesterday but younger than tomorrow

So on this glorious Monday, that is full of opportunity, hope, love and possibility remember

“Don’t let age change you, change the way you age”

Love Kate Xx

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