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Flip the Script

Everything that is set before you delivers a choice, a choice you get to make

When we CHOOSE positive, optimistic thoughts over negative, pessimistic thoughts your whole being vibrates in a way that delivers amazing results, such as

  • improved cardiovascular health

  • Improved immune function

  • Reduction in stress

  • Better sleep

  • Relationships flourish

  • Productivity improves

  • Goals will be achieved

These are only some of the amazing benefits

Simon Sinek author of Start with Why said it best “There is a difference between being positive and optimistic. Positivity is telling ourselves and others that everything is good, even if it isn't. Optimism accepts the truth of reality and looks forward to a brighter future.”

Your flip-the-script exercise is this

  • Note down any negative thoughts or feelings

  • Acknowledge why you’re thinking or feeling them

  • Now flip the script, I invite you to rewrite it in a positive or optimistic way

  • Close your eyes and go over what you’ve written (do this for each point)

  • Breathe slowly and intentionally

  • How does it make you feel?

As always you’re the author of your story you’re in control of how you feel

This is an exercise you can do daily, in the moment, at any time.

“If you want to be happy, be” Leo Tolstoy

Love & light

Kate x

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1 Comment

Apr 07, 2023

Flip the script. Love the excercise to do just that. Feeling bogged down today so will go and learn how I can flip the script

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