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I was procrastinating over not procrastinating

This year I decided that procrastination was no longer an option. To be honest, It had become a conversation I'd been having with myself weekly.

I was procrastinating over not procrastinating - incredibly unhealthy so it had to go.

But what is procrastination?

"procrastination" is derived from the Latin verb procrastinare — to put off until tomorrow. But it's more than just voluntarily delaying. Procrastination is also derived from the ancient Greek word akrasia — doing something against our better judgment.

Procrastination is about emotions, not productivity.

Why do we procrastinate?

We procrastinate when we're a little low on the joy-o-meter, when we feel a little disconnected or sad.

Also, procrastination joins the party when fear and doubt show up.

When there is uncertainty about how something is going to turn out it's easier to stay the same, right? Stay in a safe comfortable space, not moving forward in any direction.

How to stop procrastination and begin living

First up, set the goal, create the vision, make a plan.

Once you know where you're going, what it looks like and how you're going to get there, it becomes a whole less scary.

Second, mentally and physically create space - when your mind is full, you allow distractions; when your space is cluttered, you begin thinking about tidying up instead of writing.

Thirdly, be where your feet are - give yourself 100% to the moment, which means if your goal is to write 500 words a day for your book, do that, nothing else.

Fourth, stay in awareness - if you're being pulled to procrastinate, ask yourself why? Listen to your inner guide. Where are you being blocked?

Often, procrastination is a gentle nudge reminding us that we're on the wrong path.

Lastly, stop overthinking, go with the flow, have fun, release pressure, say farewell to fear and doubt and have a blast.

At the end of today, you'll never see this day again.

Make it count

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