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I write so I can hear myself think

There is so much truth in this sentence, when I journal I allow all that is cluttering my mind, body and spirit to flow on to the page. Once there it is like the curtains have been pulled back and I am able to see and think clearly.

So what is journaling?

Well as a kid, you may of called it a secret diary and hidden it under your bed. It was a safe space to write down your hopes and dreams as well as your fears and struggles and of course your crushes.

If like me as the years passed and you stepped into adulthood life got busier you may have found yourself writing less and less or stopping all together.

It was only when I went through a really tough time, I found myself picking a pen up once again, only now it was called journaling but the magic it holds is still the same

A journal is a space for all things, worries, fears, lessons, dreams, gratitude, what makes your heart happy and everything in between.


Journaling is known to reduce stress, it can improve your immune function, it helps keep your memory sharp, it helps manage anxiety and boosts your mood. Sounds good right.

It also helps gain perspective regarding fears, worries and problems.

It’s great tool for clearing the clutter, writing down your thoughts allows you to gain clarity, and release what no longer serves you or helps find a solution to something that matters.

Its great for tracking symptoms daily so you can recognise your triggers and learn ways to control them

It's also a great accountability buddy, it's where you begin bringing your dreams to life, when they're out of your head onto paper you've begun the process of making them happen. Whether its eating healthy, moving more, reducing alcohol or tracking your sleep.

Journal everything that's going on in your life that way you can see the patterns of things that pull you down but also what lifts you up and raises your spirit


The good news is there is no right or wrong way.

My only suggestions are these – write daily and always finish on a positive.

Whether it's once a day in the evening or the morning or numerous times throughout your day depending on how you feel and what works best for you.

Let it flow organically

Some people prefer a guided journal, with questions to answer others like a good old fashioned blank notebook

Write about your day, ideas, lessons. Whats has worried you. What you’ve achieved. What can you do tomorrow that will make you a better person than you are today.

A great quote from Abraham Lincoln is this

”the best way to predict your future is to create it”

The magic of journaling before sleep is incredibly powerful for releasing thoughts from the day but also reminding yourself what you are grateful for and what has made your heart happy

During the season of change journaling becomes a best friend not only is it great to note down how you're feeling physically mentally emotionally and spiritually but is also a great way to remember who you really are.

If you think it, ink it.

Happy Journaling

Love Kate x

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