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Let me tell you a story...

.....there was a girl, ...

who would run through the long grass to get to the swing, her hair flowing behind her, her heart racing with excitement, being careful not to drop the ice cream she had in her hand - she had to get to the swing before it melted. It was the perfect combination, ice cream, swinging freely, eyes closed and face to the sun… this was her place the place where her dreams danced right in front of her eyes.

The young girl, dreamed of changing the world, she knew she was destined to make a difference, one day she was going to be a heart surgeon, the next a photographer, the next she was going to be President of Plant Earth - this was her favourite - this role was to spread kindness and happiness to all living beings, to end dis-ease and poverty and have a planet of people serving each other, elevating each other to be their greatest selves.

The years passed and the swing wasn’t visited as much, and the time for dreaming had to be scheduled but was often overlooked as life got in the way.

The young girl, now a woman with children of her own, would take them to the swings, but to them why was this fun, when all their friends were online, what was the point on swinging.

Time passed yet again, and her children had grown and were beginning the next chapters of their own stories

Walking slowly, through the grass one day, head bowed, thinking to herself where has the time gone, feeling lost, lonely and a little scared she heard the distant sound, the tinkling bells of the ice cream van, she lifted her head and started to run towards the familiar melody.

Ice cream in hand she lifted her head and began to run, ‘quickly’ she reminded herself.. ‘before it melts’.. without thought or direction in no time at all she found her self sitting on the swing, ice cream in hand, eyes closed with her face up to the sun.

She began dreaming of how she was going to change the world, how she was going to make a difference.

The Universe rejoiced….”she’s remembering"…

Opening her eyes to see the ice cream melting in her hand… she whispered to herself…’ this time I am going to make it happen’

So….. she did.

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