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Limitless Compassion

Compassion: The wish to free all beings from suffering

Allowing ourselves to feel emotions regularly and intensely, increases our predisposition for feeling that emotion again.

Beware: this is any emotion, so take charge.

Focus on your positive emotions, reframe any negatives as they appear.

Your physical symptoms will reflect your emotions.

Listen inwardly to yourself, your thoughts and what your body is telling you.

When negative emotions appear, such as fear, disappointment and anger, acknowledge it ask yourself why it has appeared, take note of how it is making you feel, then release it, and replace it with a positive emotion.

Take time for yourself, by managing your emotions and learning to master them and develop the positive over the negative, you will feel the benefit and so will those around you.

Use the 10 second rule when something negative appears, it is a great tip.  No one else can make you angry, upset or disappointed, you have chosen that emotion, so you have the power to change it up for something better.

If we can live compassionately, mindful of ourselves and others the more our positive emotions will play a bigger pert in our lives.

A simple mediation is as follows:

  • Sit comfortably and relax

  • Focus on breathing

  • Show your self compassion

  • Think ‘May I be free from Suffering’

  • Keep focus, repeat the thought

  • Visualise an image that you would like to release

  • Repeat the thought, ‘May I be free from Suffering’

  • Repeat the thought for loved ones and strangers,“May they be free from suffering’       

  • Whilst doing this visualise love and compassion radiating from your heart and touching theirs.

  • Repeat the thought, May everyone and everything in our Universe be free from suffering’

  • Visualise your heart radiating love and compassion throughout space and time, connecting with every living creature..

Begin your week with a small compassionate action. Make a difference.

Book: The Lost Art of Compassion Lorne Ladner Ph.D.

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