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Love the season & the skin you're in

“Wrinkles should merely indicate where the smiles have been” Mark Twain

When I began the peri-menopause at 38 I thought I was on the fast track to becoming ‘old’ my skin began drying, I put on a pound or ten, my memory became foggy, and I couldn’t see any way back.

I cried and cried more times than I can count

I cried because I wasn’t ready, I cried because it wasn’t my choice, I cried because I was scared, I cried because I had lost the girl I was.

I felt like giving in, I began drinking more because what else was there to do, eating anything and everything because what did it matter it was only an extra pound or two, slowly the love for myself faded

It was then at my lowest that the light began to creep in.

I sat on the bottom step of my stairs and cried (again)

I ask myself the question ‘What do I want from life, My life?’

It was then that doors and windows opened and the light started flooding in.

My why is to live a very long, healthy happy and purposeful life, and at 102 to be able to do what I can do today and more.

I liked the sound of this, It sparked hope

If I had any chance of this happening I had to pull myself together and make some serious changes.

I understood that I was going to age no matter what, but I didn’t need to get old.

Grow old gracefully some may call it.

I quit the booze, cleaned up my eating, remembered that I actually love exercising, and reading, and funnily the more I read the more I remembered, our brain is a muscle after all.

Then something amazing happened, I got my power back, the more I stopped making excuses and started making choices the happier I become

No magic pill just a girl with a goal, a dream and a daily intention to make it happen

Love the season and the skin you're in ❤️

Love Kate 😘

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