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Plant-Based One Day Meal Plan

If you have not been won over by the Whole-food Plant-based eating movement…yet! here are my 5 meal ideas that would make eating a WFPB diet at least once a week and breeze.

Apart from it improving your health and reducing diseases such as Heart Disease, Cognitive Decline and Diabetes you are doing your part on saving our beautiful planet.


Raspberry & Peanut Butter Overnight Oats

• ½ cup of oats

• 1 cup of Almond or Soya Milk

• 1 Tablespoon of Peanut Butter

• 1 cup of frozen Raspberries

• ½ Cup of fresh Blueberries

• Sprinkle of Flaked Almonds

Add the milk, Peanut Butter and Frozen Raspberries to a blender and blitz. Pour over the Oats and stir together Cover and place in the fridge until the morning. Before eating add fresh Blueberries and Flaked Almonds

Mid-Morning Snack

• Edamame Beans in Pod Warmed Sprinkled with Salt or Chilli Flakes


Hummus Avocado Wrap

• 1 Beetroot Wrap

• 3 tablespoons Hummus of your Choice

• 1/4 avocado (sliced thin)

• 1/3 cup alfalfa sprouts (or a few leaves of green lettuce or both)

• 2 to 4 tomato slices

• Cucumber slices

• ¼ Sliced Red Bell Pepper

• Sprinkle of toasted Seeds

1. Slice your Avocado, Cucumber, tomato and Red pepper,

2. Lay the wrap flat

3. Spread over your choice of Hummus

4. Place your sliced Vegetables to one side of the wrap

5. Add Alfalfa Sprouts, leaves and toasted seeds

6. Roll and enjoy!

Mid Afternoon Snack

• Fruit Platter of Choice


Thai Green Brussel Curry

• ½ Head of Broccoli (small florets)

• 1 Courgette/Zuchinni (1/4 chunks)

• 15 Brussels Sprouts (Halve)

• ½ Can of Chickpeas

• 2 Handful of Spinach

• 2 Teaspoons of Vegan Thai Green Curry Paste (less or more depending on personal preference)

• 1 Can of Coconut Milk

• Olive oil or Avocado Spray

• Fresh Coriander and Lime

• 100g Rice Ribbon Noodles

1. Heat the pan, Spray with oil and add Curry Paste.

2. Once it releases the aromas add the Coconut milk and bring to the boil

3. Add Broccoli, Courgette / Zucchini and Brussels

4. Cook for 15 mins with the lid on

5. Add the Chickpeas and Spinach, noodles and stir for 2 minutes.

6. Enjoy.

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