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What 2021 has taught me

Looking back over this last year I cannot believe how fast it has gone. I love December as a time for reflection and preparing for a new year of endless possibilities


After what was one of the weirdest years of my life, to date. Well, probably the weirdest in most of our lives. reflection and gratitude were at the forefront of my mind.

The lesson here for me was to remember - I AM MORE THAN I WAS- The pandemic has changed our world forever, so many people have lost loved ones, jobs, relationships. At times 2020 was beyond difficult. Yet out of the darkness, I had found a light that was burning brightly inside and I reminded myself that through the past year I had grown, evolved.

My promise to myself for the rest of 2021 was to remind myself daily that I AM more than I was - Evolution baby…

we learn we grow, we evolve.

I’m not the person I was 10 years ago, or 4 years ago, to be honest I’m not the person I was yesterday...

and I am so happy about that.


This month had so many fabulous moments, then some not so fabulous moments - the word of the month was most definitely PLOT TWIST, followed close second according to my journal entries was the word collywobbles - It looks like I had a few of them.

The lesson was to remember - THIS TOO SHALL PASS - and in reflection, this shows its truth so clearly. It's a great reminder to have this quote close by.


The month's lesson was simple - JOURNALING - is truly a gift.

Not only am I able to reflect and remember what has gone on throughout my life but most importantly for me…

I write so I can hear myself think.

I wrote a lot during this month. When the thoughts are out of my mind and onto paper I can think and see more clearly.


This month's lesson was definitely - TRUST THE UNIVERSE - This month was a solid reminder that we may not be given what we want but we will always be given what we need. Having an open heart and mind allows us to be guided in the right direction.


Pain, tiredness and fatigue hindered the beginning of this month.

The lesson here was definitely - LISTEN TO YOUR BODY- You can’t run on empty. Physical and emotional signs are there for a reason, pay attention so adjustments can be made.

I am a great believer in finding and healing the cause instead of treating the symptom.

When your body is tired, sleep, hungry, eat.


More uncertainty around the world, another rollercoaster, stress, uncertainty and disappointment. Plans of family travel disappeared into the wind, this year was probably the last one together as all the babies have now grown.

The lesson here was this - LIVE INTENTIONALLY - There is a lot we cannot control, but there is also so much we can. After allowing outside circumstances to affect mood and emotions, I remembered it all comes back to the breath, to the moment, to choosing to live intentionally in every minute and doing what you can and letting the rest go.


My spiritual journey deepened yet again. It’s funny each time I think I have got to the top of a spiritual learning mountain I realise I am at the foothills of another.

My lesson this month was - MEDITATION - When I miss a meditation, I notice it in every area of my life. The easiest way to explain what it does for me is this, it balances me, calms me and helps me feel deeply connected with myself.


This month bought calm, I decided to have a digital detox. We were supposed to be on vacation so I used the time to disconnect to reconnect and it was bliss. Not only did I not touch social media I didn’t touch a computer or my phone… I loved it.

The lesson this month was AWARENESS - Without the chatter from the outside world, I was able to become more aware of myself. How I am feeling, moving, eating, sleeping. There was a beautiful flow that developed. No rush, no self-imposed limits, no comparison just me moving through my day in simple awareness.

This is what it feels like to know yourself.


I was grateful that we were able to have 6 nights in Italy, From the moment we arrived at the airport to the moment we returned we were 100 % being spiritually guided and supported. It was truly beautiful, magical.

My lesson this month was to always BELIEVE - When did we stop believing in magic? After a month of really stepping into my awareness, I became even more spiritually connected. My belief that the universe truly has my back was unwavering and I was beautifully reminded that when we truly believe magic happens.


Like a beautiful dance, life lessons of the previous months began linking together reminding me that each month, each day, we learn, we grow, we evolve. This month I feel strong of heart and spirit. I feel grounded.

This month's lesson was STEP INTO MY POWER - For me, this meant owning my feelings, my thoughts. Acknowledging all that comes my way but staying true to myself. For so long I was swayed by the thoughts, needs and opinions of others but now, with only love in my heart I feel the inner strength to say no or yes, whatever feels right and good for me.

“God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference.”


There was one message that kept coming through loud and clear this month. We spend so much time living in the past and the future we forget to live in the NOW!

The lesson I learned this month was NON-ATTACHMENT - When you give your best to the moment and release it, you open yourself up to an infinite amount of possibilities because you are open to the direction of the flow.

Freedom and excitement filter into your day to day, clarity joins the party and synchronicity happens more and more

Because you are open

Be like water and flow


Here we are December 2021, this year has flown by, yet on reflection, I know without a doubt I am becoming more of who I am meant to be each and every day.

My lesson for this month is already apparent - THE FLOW OF MY LIFE IS GUIDED BY MY TRUE SELF.

So as we say farewell to 2021and welcome in a new year, I'm not going to try and second guess what the new year will have in store, instead I am going to live purposefully each and every day. Be mindful, happy and be open to the wonders the universe has to offer.

I wish you joy, peace, health and hope abundance flows through every part of your life.

Love Kate x

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