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Your thoughts create your reality

If you knew for absolute certainty that your thoughts DID create the life you live how would you think differently?

Our thoughts are so incredibly powerful be mindful of how y

ou use them

Growing up my mum would always recite Henry Fords quote “If you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right”

How many times have you talked yourself into being poorly?

Or reminding yourself that you can’t do something only to be proven right.

It’s so easy to allow negative thoughts to lead the way.

STOP for one second

You have a choice - YOU choose your thoughts

It’s easier said than done I hear you yell

Here are two really quick tips to help guide you out of a negative thought pattern.

Tip one - Question your thoughts

When you feel you can’t move away from the I can’t, I’ll fail, I’m scared, crowd, I invite you to pick up a pen and paper and write down the negative thought. NOW challenge that thought.

Is it fact? What can I do about it? What’s the opposite of this thought?

When you challenge your negative thought you regain your personal power, you're telling yourself that you don’

t believe that thought.

For example, you’ve got a cold and your lying in bed reminding yourself every 5 minutes how rubbish you’re feeling

Thought: I feel poorly

What can I do about it: Rest, soothing bath, drink plenty of fluids, have a warming, nourishing soup, do all the easy things on my to-do list, read a book

What’s the opposite thought: I am healthy

Suddenly you’ll feel brighter (the symptoms may not have disappeared but you’re back in the driver's seat)

You’re back in control

Tip 2 - Take an instant vacation

Sit comfortably, somewhere quiet, light your favourite smelling candle or and this works wonders, dig out your favourite smelling suncream and rub it into your chest and arms

Inhale and exhale slowly and take yourself to your favourite destination the place you feel most relaxed and happy, visualise everything the sights sounds smells, the people you meet

Stay here for as long as you can

When you come out write everything you saw down - how do you feel?

Being in awareness of your thoughts is beautifully freeing, it creates a calm and uncluttered mind, it brings clarity which allows motivations and inspiration to work together in perfect harmony.

Love Kate 😘

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