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Release control & allow

Updated: Oct 12, 2022

In past incarnations I was fondly known as a 'Control freak' I liked to be the one to cook, drive, have the remote control, and be the holder of passports etc...

I felt comfort in the control.

Yet my journey has taught me that releasing control allows freedom to enter, and that feels even better.

So most of my previous control needs have been delegated to another with love. Yet, I still struggle with the Law of Detachment (non-attachment) when it comes to my dreams and desires.

I'm better than I was but still a work in progress.

I have to remind myself of divine timing and that worrying about the outcome or trying to manipulate it will not change the course or timing but will cause stress and unbalance.

During one of my recent moments of "hurry up" "am I on the wrong path" "give me some answers NOW" I came across this delicately beautiful short meditation on InsightTimer a free app for all glorious things such as meditations, solfeggio music, stories, talks and more

It was just what I needed; I hope that if you need this, it will find you right on time.

Remember what is mean't for you will never pass you by

Love & light

Kate x

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1 Comment

Sep 05, 2022

In my childhood I had very little control over my life. My parents dominated everything. As a newly married adult, I needed to control everything because my now former husband was better at sitting back and watching as a shadow on the wall. Today I manage my own life. Sometimes impulsive and sometimes heavily managed. I make suggestions and recommendations to my grown son who lives with me. He is incredibly smart and practicing independence. Sometimes (especially tech issues) I ask him for advice. Collaboration sometimes happens. No I have not ever considered myself a control freak- sadly I do know people who are and I have learned to avoid them.

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